All About Me

Contact: d.johnson[at]

This blog covers my thoughts as categorised under the vague title of 'writing'. It features articles about things I've written, things others have written, and things which aren't really anything to do with writing but I feel like writing about. So it counts. Probably.

I've written three novels, all based around the legacy of Captain Chair and his associates in a post-apocalyptic (i.e. zombie-infested) world. One day these will be available in book shops. Until that day, if you have an interest in reading any of them I'll happy send you a copy.

I also run a toy review blog, Dad's Toybox, which I try to stick up a couple of reviews for each week. Some are supplied by generous companies who hope the children and I are going to say nice things about their products, and others are simply of whatever is lying around the house.