Thursday, 29 September 2011

Rocky IV

I like Rocky IV. For a start, it's not Rocky V which is, well, it's pretty darn terrible. But Rocky IV has a couple of great scenes and, um, lots of montages.

Yeah, it must have taken Stallone about 2 minutes to write Rocky IV.

It starts - as with all Rockys - with a clip of the last few minutes of the previous film. Then Apollo and Rocky have a chat round a table. James Brown sings a song and we get the first fight. Then there are a whole bunch of musical sequences & training montages. And suddenly we're at the finale. Um, where did the rest of the film go?

"It's Rocky," you say, "it's not meant to have a plot."

Except the first one definitely did. It was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, winning 3 - including Best Picture. The second and third had decent plots too. And the forth...

Well, it was educational. Somehow. In my first year at uni, Rocky IV taught a guy on my corridor in halls about the Cold War. Seems he'd never heard about it before.

Seems they let anyone into uni in 1999.

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