Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tron Legacy

You know those cinema adds which go along the lines of 'it's the experience that counts' - i.e. come to the cinema to watch stuff, don't download dodgy camcorder versions from the internet.

One film this particularly applies to is Tron Legacy.

This film didn't get very good reviews. Critics said the plot was rubbish. Tron fans said it was a disappointment after waiting for long for a sequel.

- which is interesting really. I mean, have they watched the original recently? It's hardly amazing. -

I'd agree the storyline isn't fantastic, but it's adequate. And the visuals...ah, sitting at the IMAX when the picture first flicks to full and there's a GIANT Recogniser in front of you...

That's something I'm going to remember for a long time.

Not that I judge films by their visuals, in general. Transformers, for example, has some great visuals, but it has the worst plot in the world and I'd rather poke my eyes out before sitting through them again.

Then there are the light cycles, the car thingamy, the jet things...  There are a lot of cool action sequences and each one is special, unlike Transformers which insisted on hitting you on the head with rubbish.

I think everyone agrees that Tron Legacy has a kick-ass soundtrack. Hearing the Daft Punk score thumping round you... It truly is an experience. I bought the CD. It's not the same. Actually, it's a bit pants. Not the music, but the fact it's only in stereo. This was music designed to surround you. In stereo, it's all a bit flat.

It all almost works on blu-ray. But first you must do three things: find the biggest screen you can, turn off the lights, and turn the volume to 11.

Only then can you really enjoy Tron Legacy.

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