Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Star Trek: Nemesis

I know I said I wasn't going to do this, but I ended up putting it on earlier than I thought and so have some free time. So here are a handful of the many things wrong with Star Trek: Nemesis...

[There be spoilers ahead! Though saying that I can't see how anything could spoil this film more than the film itself does simply by existing]

It doesn't start off too badly (apart from Picard's wedding speech which was cringe-worthy). For a moment I thought I'd got it all wrong and Nemesis was actually an okay film after all.

But no. Things soon turned for the worse and the ending was terrible - a poor rip-off of both Star Trek II & VI.

1. Lack of attention to detail.

I was going to label this point 'plotholes' but it goes beyond holes in the story to a lack of logic. The writer, John Logan, is a Trek fan and fills the film with rip-offs/homages (delete as appropriate). It includes things like referencing the song Data whistled in the pilot episode of the TV show. So why did Logan forget things like transporters that are on the dozens of shuttlecraft that sit inside the Enterprise? Force fields to contain intruders on the ship? Getting a phaser and shooting the anti-matter in the warp core if he wanted to destroy his ship?

It seemed like every problem the crew came up against I immediately thought up a solution to.

And Worf! What happened to his character? Despite him regularly knocking back vast quantities of blood wine, he can't take Romulan ale? He's scared by an arm in the sand?

Then there were other things like the Riker-Hellboy fight. Was there any reason for that fight to occur other than Jonathan Frakes appearing as second billing on the credits and thus needing to give him a bit more to do? Troi's mental attack. Why? I know Shinzon took a fancy to her, but it seemed like this was supposed to be part of a larger plan. How?

2. Shinzon.

I like Tom Hardy. I don't like the character of Shinzon. At no point was I convinced he was Picard, or anything like him (Shinzon is supposed to be a clone). It would have been better if at least for a short while, Shinzon was made out to be a bit of a hero, a bit like Picard, before he revealed that he'd turned to the dark side.

Putting that aside, I don't think Hardy was old enough (or perhaps not experienced enough as an actor at the time) to stand up to Patrick Stewart. Shinzon never seemed to be Picard's equal.

3. Data's death.

B-4 completely ruins Data's sacrifice. Why? Because not too long before his death, Data makes a very definite announcement that he's downloaded all his memories into B-4's head. I know, I know, a similar thing happened in Wrath of Khan, but they (just about) got away with that one - perhaps because it hadn't been copied from another film in the series!

Insurrection wasn't a huge success, but everyone knows 'every odd numbered Star Trek film is shit' so the makers were forgiven. Nemesis was supposed to be good. Instead it was the worst one yet and killed the film franchise.

Meanwhile on TV, Enterprise was killing the Trek on TV and soon for the first time since before The Motion Picture was made in 1979 Trek was dead. Completely and utterly dead.

And then along came JJ Abrams...

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