Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Second DVD Cartoon Golden Age

A while ago I declared - and was agreed with by someone in 'the business' - that if an obscure cartoon hadn't been released on DVD yet, then it never would.

Seems I was wrong.

Things have, however, changed somewhat from around a decade ago when He-Man was in readily available in mainstream shops. You could pick up Visionaries and Bucky O'Hare and all sorts of relatively obscure things.

The problem was that, despite being very popular with fans, there really weren't enough fans to make it worthwhile for companies to continue releasing them. In America, Bravestarr bombed. Galaxy Rangers bombed. Basically anything that wasn't ThunderCats bombed.

This sold. Most things didn't.

Now, however, DVD distribution has changed (at least in America). Now you don't need to sell your product through stores.  You don't need to fork out $$$ producing DVDs that might never sell. For now there is Burn on Demand.

Much like what you find with self-published books, where the book is only printed as and when it's ordered, with burn on demand you only create the exact amount needed for customers.

As a result, Warner Bros now have for sale never dreamed of DVDs such as GoBots, Pirates of Dark Water, Mr T, and Centurions (on the way).

Shout Factory has recently been producing sets for MASK and ReBoot, which people had basically given up on.

And then there's Mill Creek. Things that don't sell for anyone else (eg COPS failed for Shout) seem to end up with them as they release budget releases for low prices. The quality isn't fantastic, but it's better than nothing.

For the first time - perhaps ever - I can reassure you that if your favourite cartoon isn't currently available then there's a chance it will be soon.

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