Friday, 6 May 2011

Worst film posters ever?

Note: this was written ages ago, but I hit 'save as draft' and only just noticed.

These posters have appeared today on the official Facebook X-Men movie page. For a while I hoped that it wasn't actually the 'official' Facebook X-Men movie page and therefore these posters could just have been done by a fan as a joke.

But no. It's oh so painfully true.

The page links from the official website, which means this posters for X-Men First Class will actually be turning up in cinemas (or 'theaters') very soon.

I won't bother to write how terrible these things are as they speak very clearly for themselves. I do wonder though who was responsible for approving them and what drugs they were on at the time.

It was as though someone Up High saw the 'before he was' posters, decided they were much too subtle, and demanded that they be redesigned so that they physically smacked you round the head with the fact that Erik is Magneto and Xavier is Professor X.

I liked the 'before he was' ones. They weren't brilliant, and were very obviously inspired by the Phantom Menace teaser poster (which was probably the best thing about that film), but they were a hell of a lot better than the monstrosities revealed today.

Since the film is set in the 60s, wouldn't something with a 'period' feel have been better? Surely a 60s style poster would have stood out against the wash of photoshoped images used to advertise films these days?

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