Thursday, 19 May 2011

Smallville: Finale

So they didn't do it in the end.  They didn't go with the title for the series finale of Smallville that everyone wanted and expected:


Sad Damian.

I watched this last night. I haven't watched any Smallville since the first season (bar the one where Christopher Reeve popped up in season 2).  Anyone who's watched the first season of Smallville will understand why.

Meteor rocks.

Yep, every week a monster originating from meteor rocks. It very quickly got repetitive. And the Clark Kent-Lana Lang will they/won't they storyline also became dull. It wasn't helpful that Lana was so very annoying.

But this blog entry wasn't supposed to be about the series, it's supposed to be about my thoughts on the last episode, titled 'Finale'.

Considering I'd missed 9 years of plot, it wasn't too hard to hard to get into. I knew that Lois was now in the show, but was quite surprised that her and Clark's relationship had reached the point of impending marriage. It was a clear demonstration that half way through the series they should have turned Clark into Superman and renamed the show 'Metropolis'. It would have given the show a definite ratings boost and allowed the show to move forward instead of drawing out the origin story for a ridiculous length of time.

I think everyone involved with the show would agree. But then they went from year to year never knowing if it would be renewed each time. If only they'd been able to plan the ten years out in advance...

The 2nd biggest shock was that Lex's dad was alive (I thought he was dead) and the 1st that Lex was. I knew Rosenbaum had left years ago, but they'd killed Lex? That was slightly stupid plotting, especially when - back in season 1 - they'd set up the fact that one day he'd be president.

Of course this led to a slightly insane Lex rebirth plotline, and then an even more insane resetting of Lex's...hmm, that'd be a spoiler.

Putting this aside, the main story about Dark Seed wasn't fantastic, that it was really incidental.  The episode was all about building to Clark's destiny, to the point that everyone had been waiting a decade for. The point I'd been waiting for it and I hadn't even been watching all that time.

The cape.

It was done well.  John Williams score was used very effectively and there was definite excitement when he donned the costume [that's not really a spoiler]. I thought it a slight shame they used Routh's costume (from Superman Returns) instead of Reeve's (from the original movies), but apparently it 'fit' the series better.

At the end everyone is arranged pretty much so that it flows into what everyone expects the Superman set up to be, which is quite impressive considering some of the changes made alone the way.

[Now there are spoilers!]

Clark is the bumbling reporter at the Daily Planet, Lois the professional, Olsen is working there, Lex fulfils his prophesied destiny, and Chloe gets to read a comic.

The epilogue is currently on YouTube, though for how long is anyone's guess.

Good bye, Smallville. I'm sorry you never got the big budget movie you really did deserve to have. 10 years is an amazing run, especially for genre television these days.

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