Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Time is Now

It's 1st March which means that Angry Robot's open submissions month has begun. I've been awaiting this day since before Christmas, spent a big chunk of Jan & Feb polishing and...

Haven't submitted.

Actually, for the past 2 days I've just been throwing my manuscript around the room (a physical copy, not my laptop - although it was tempting to throw that too).

The reason for this was because I had another person have a read through the book as there is one bit (annoyingly, right near the start) that I'm not entirely convinced about. Unfortunately she didn't finish before handing the book back. I took this as not a good sign. To be fair, the reason she gave it back could well have been because she thought I wanted it back, but still. It got me a little depressed. Hence the throwing. No one likes to think something they've been working on for 4+ years is a bit crap.

I was this close to deleting it from my laptop.

Bizarrely, the thing that saved my book was a Doctor Who documentary. Peter Segal spent 7 years chasing after the right to make what was eventually the Doctor Who TV movie.  Think about it. 7 years. 7 years of dealing with the BBC, Universal, Fox, etc in order to realise his dream to make it.  Every time he was told 'no', it spurred him on to ensure he got a 'yes'.

I've stated previously that I don't want these blog posts to go on for too long, so I'll end the story there. It's on the 'Revisitations 1' DVD if you want to watch it. It's an hour long, but worth it for the 'follow your dreams' speech at the end. Because sometimes dreams do come true.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to do a little polishing and aim to submit by the weekend. Could be that it all ends in failure and if, in 6 months time, I've gotten no where then I'll try something else. After all, there are always possibilities.

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