Sunday, 20 March 2011

Thank you for your submission

So I've sent it. Heroes: The Legacy of Captain Chair (title lengthened to avoid confusion with TV show) is now in the hands of Angry Robot Books. Will it see print? Probably not. It's almost impossible to get a book published, but you never know. This may be a turning point in the life of me.

I'll find out in ~6 months.

So what now? What do I do while I wait for an answer? Well, just in case Angry Robot want the whole manuscript (instead of just the first 5 chapters I've sent), I've got to renumber all my chapters. I suspect this will take about 5 minutes. In fact now I'm wondering why I didn't do that instead of rabbiting on in this blog.

Oh well.

And after renumbering comes Book 3, or Villains: The Legacy of Dr. Sabath. Rough draft is complete and now I'm going through and turning 'rough' into '1st'. I don't like calling my initial scribblings my 1st draft as usually at this stage it's not something that's suitable for reading. There tend to be plot points which began and were never finished, or ones which appeared later and need rooting in a little earlier.

It may have been the pressure was off when working on this book, or that I've haven't been through and analysed it line by line a million times (yet), but I've been really enjoying working on it recently. Best of the trilogy? Maybe. It gets quite involved and (dare I say it) maybe even a little complicated at times, but I figure if you've joined me for the ride up until this point then you'll be more than prepared and happy to take the next step.

Anyway, this is getting off the point a little. And the point was simply, I've submitted my book.

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