Thursday, 24 March 2011

Pulling off the impossible

When the trailer for Iron Man hit the internet I was in awe. Surely no film could possible be as good as that trailer was. I was wrong. The film was every bit as good as that trailer.

Then came the Incredible Hulk. I can't really remember the trailer for that one. It must have been a little on the average side, which is pretty much what the film itself was.

Hmm, bit of a trend developing here.

Roll on a few years and we get to Thor. The trailer for this was good. It didn't 'wow' me, but I did finish watching wanting to see the full film. I can only conclude that it will turn out 'good' too.

Today the full-length trailer for Captain America has hit the internet. I guess you're wondering what I thought of it. Why not watch it for yourself.

If you don't find that every bit as awesome as the Iron Man trailer was, then there's something wrong with you. I need to see this film. RIGHT NOW. This trailer has dismissed all my initial fears over this film. I mean, Joe Johnston directing? He's not a bad director - he's no Michael Bay - but his films have had a tendency to be a little...[for lack of a better word] average.

Marvel can't afford for Captain America to be average. Thor, maybe, but to a large extent the success of Avengers, which all these films have been building towards, relies heavily on Captain America. Sure, you'll pull in a certain amount purely with Downey Jr as Iron Man, but Cap is the leader. If his film isn't amazing, then people will start to predict doom for the Avengers.

This brings me, finally, to what I meant by the title of this entry. These films are the only ones I know of that have been building towards a giant crossover. If Marvel pull it off, it will be a fantastic achievement. Five separate films, all designed from the beginning to link and build on each other... It's almost dreamlike.

After Avengers, things get easier - or more complicated. Each Iron Man/Hulk/Thor/Cap can have further sequels to their own series, or sequels to the Avengers, or even start spinning out films based on new characters from the Avengers (Hawkeye, for example). When it comes to Avengers sequels, you don't have to worry about getting everyone back. Chris Evans unavailable for filming? Doesn't matter - just write in a line mentioning Cap's busy on another mission. He can always come back in the future. Introduce new characters whenever you like - there's plenty of them available.

The possibilities are endless.

And all they have to do is ensure the Avengers has a half decent script.

Fingers crossed.

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