Thursday, 10 February 2011

Where to go...

So I'm checking through my story (or 'book' as I was just getting used to calling it, until someone pointed out that I should probably use 'manuscript') and I reach a flashback chapter.  As it's entirely flashback in nature, it could - theoretically - go anywhere in the book.

And herein lies the problem.

It's currently near the beginning of the book, and serves as quite a good background to the main character before the story proper starts.  It gives detail on his background and motivations which helps understand his actions in the 'current' time.


There's another flashback quite soon after this which has to remain where it is.  Is having this other big chunk of flashback too much flashback to have at the start of the story?  Should I move it to later when the reader is more caught up with 'current' events.

It would work very well as a parallel to the 'current' storyline (scarily well, actually).  I could break up the chapter and insert it between the later chapters in the book (as it is the chapter is quite long, or at least a lot longer than the others).  I kind of like this idea.

I also like having it where it is already.

So which is best?  I honestly don't know.  They are pros and cons to both, as I see it.  I shall continue to ponder...

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