Monday, 14 February 2011

Never Let Me Go

This is slightly away from the topic of writing, but it is about story so it kind of counts. And it's my blog so I can write about whatever I like.

I've read a lot of reviews from people hating this film today. Most thinking it unrealistic that the public would allow the situation in the film to take place [remaining vague for spoiler purposes, but the set up is explained very early on) and wondering why none of the characters tried to run away.

I think this was one of the points of the film though.  The public just accept what is happening and it never even occurs to Kathy H or any of the others to try and run away.

This film and the Island (which has a similar premise) highlight the differences between the UK & US. In Michael Bay's The Island the protagonists go on a high-octane adventure with lots of chases and explosions. Never Let Me Go has a bitter-sweet romantic story about jealousy.

Some people might have preferred it if the social implications were covered in more detail. There's probably a good film waiting to be made about this too, however it's not this film.  It's not the point of this film and no one has ever pretended it was.

Never Let Me Go is not a film about the sci-fi or social elements, it's a love story. And I enjoyed it very much.

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