Friday, 11 February 2011


One of the requirements for the book submission in March is that you include a short piece on your inspirations/intentions. Makes sense - it gives the publisher some idea what on earth you were trying to write about.

Someone has asked the following question:

'Can you give examples [of inspiration/intent] (What was Abnett trying to say with Triumff? 'It's fun') Or I may have to put 'I like to write, with a subtext of please buy my next book'

This strikes me as slightly crazy. A writer always has some kind of intent when writing a story.  Even if that intent is simply 'to tell a quickly-paced action story, largely devoid of character and plot, to appeal to the lowest IQ' (I assume this was Bay's intent with Transformers 2).

This isn't a great reason to create something, but it is a reason.  I guess in some eyes it's actually quite a  good one - making a film too intelligent might put people off paying to see it. But a brain-turned off action flick... Well everyone loves those...

I admit I haven't read Abnett's Triumff. Having quickly read through some of the reviews on Amazon, however, it seems that Abnett was trying his hand at comedy. Wait a minute, have I already discovered an intent?  Was the intent to have a try at humour? There will have been more to it, but that's a start and I know hardly anything about the book. I have no doubt I could quickly find out more.

Indeed, the poser of the original question about Abnett's intent with Triumff has in part answered his own question - Abnett wanted to write a 'fun' novel.  Therefore if a publisher had read the manuscript and discovered it really wasn't very fun, then he/she might have pointed this out to Abnett and suggested some areas for improvement.

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