Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Chuck: all good things?

For the past few years when May(ish) comes around I have been sat, worried, in front of the computer waiting for news to come through of Chuck's renewal/demise. My guess is that a lot of people in the UK haven't heard of Chuck. First it was on shown on Virgin 1...a good few months after each season had finished showing in the US (I honestly thought such delays were long gone, but no). For season 4 the time between US & UK showings has much improved...but now it's (bizarrely) on Living so Freeview people can no longer see it.

For those 'not in the know', Chuck follows a geeky guy who accidentally found himself a spy for the CIA. Much of the first 3 seasons was about this ordinary person being thrown into a bunch of dangerous situations.

All this was good fun.


It's now season 4, and Chuck is no longer an incompetent spy. He's now a really good spy. Even his even-geekier friend Morgan is now a pretty good spy. And neither is really that geeky any more.

This was especially apparent in this week's episode when Morgan moved out of Chuck's house and the pair gave their prized Han Solo & Chewie toys away.

To me, the show has now lost a great deal of it's original appeal.  The geek now has the girl. The geeks aren't geeky. We're now basically watching a bunch of professional spies each week.

The single saving grace of the show is Jeffster, the 'comedy' band comprising two complete idiots from the store which provides Chuck's cover job. Jeff & Lester are still as useless in their jobs as they were in the first episode. Their band is still terrible. The appearance of a Jeffster cover song in an episode is always the highlight.

I have no idea what the writers are going to do with Chuck if it survives another year. Where do they take the show from here? Don't get me wrong, Chuck is still a fun hour's watch and I'll still tune in every week. But I could equally understand if people didn't.

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